Friday, March 4, 2011

Family Band

You know how some blogs seem to give this sappy, sweet, overly rosy impression of people's lives? Yeah, this post is pretty much an extreme example of that.  We're practically one step away from holding hands and singing "Kum Bah Ya" here.

This is from Joe's first guitar lesson with Miss Julie, who happens to babysit for us in addition to teaching children's music classes that the girls take part in.  The only thing the video fails to capture is June's enormous smile and total enrapturement.

Encore showing June getting in on the action:

Bonus: we left moments later to go out for a wonderful Ethiopian dinner with Sara and Vake (minus the roped off shooting scene immediately outside the restaurant, of course). Not joking.


Mindy said...

Adorable! I'm probably telling you something that you already know, but the Old Town School has a class called "Wiggle and Strum" that might be perfect for Joe and June. And, it looks like Georgia is primed for her own guitar lessons - Charlie just started through OTS, and she loves them.

Danni said...

Cute! I miss Ethiopian. Was it the place way north on Broadway?

Sarah said...

Adorable! I'll send this to my Mom - she'll want to move in!

Kate said...

Mindy - thanks for the tips!
Danni - yep. Ras Dashen.
Sarah - your mom is welcome anytime! And I will feel like I have made it as a mother if I am deemed to have lived up to the Kennedy family standards. That would be an honor.