Friday, March 11, 2011

My parents went to Mexico, and all I got was this dress, this sombrero, these maracas, and a bracelet

By popular demand, the photo of my feet is no longer at the top of this blog. 

So, um, yeah, we went away for a few days and might've missed the girls just a wee little bit. This explains why we returned with not one, not two, but three child-sized sombreros.  (What?  The baby is going to need its own, okay?)





Anonymous said...

The girls are so darling in there little Mexican dresses!! And June's got a little flippy hairstyle going - CUTE!! Tom T.

Ann said...

Between Georgia's crazy eyes in the first pic and June's pokey little belly in the last, I'm loving this post. Glad the girls liked their haul!

jessica said...

This gave me a much needed Monday laugh. Thanks, Kate!

Me? A Mom? said...

I can't get enough of June airing out her belly. So what's the back story on that? Has she outgrown the PJs only in girth or what? :)

Kate said...

Cara - she's got an enormous outtie belly button, and she likes to fiddle with it SO much (like it even soothes her to sleep nowadays), that it drives her crazy if she can't get to it. So we've ditched all onesies, and she wears her pj's like this all the time. : )

Man, to be 1 again. She doesn't know how good she has it! My belly doesn't look as cute as hers, though, when I let it hang out.

Susan said...

You do an amazing job capturing Georgia's facial expressions!! I don't think I ever told you how much I loved your Christmas of my all time faves!

And I love that I now have a visual of June in her PJs with belly button access.

Frances said...

I love the dresses! And June's belly popping out of her jumpsuit is very sassy.