Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hillbilly Parade

Around here, the first day (April 3rd, for the record) that it's warm enough to get away without wearing a coat, hat and gloves means it's warm enough to ride bikes wearing pajama pants and no shirt while your dad breaks down boxes, play in the car, and eat dinner on the back porch.  YEE-HAW!





That last picture is freaking me out.  It's like a flash forward to when they're 18 and 16.  Oh, and check out June's latest habit of waving her finger while saying "Noooooo!" as if she's tsk-tsking like an Italian grandmother.  (Here she is telling me "no" because she doesn't want me to open the car door.  Nice.)

By the way, do your kids like playing in a parked, turned off car as much as ours do?  They sometimes do this happily for half an hour at a time.  I highly recommend this form of contained entertainment if you don't mind your mirrors being severely adjusted.  (Funny, they whine and beg to get out of the car as soon as we're actually going anywhere???)


ritap said...

She looks like she is tsk-ing, Spaniard style!

Kate said...

Rita, is it Spanish? I defer to you, the expert. Actually, I immediately thought of you when she first started doing this!

Mindy said...

Love the pictures of the girls in the car - I had the same thought - with a good squint they are suddenly teenagers. Look out!

Charlie used to love to play in the car when we lived in Massachusetts. We'd pull into our driveway, roll down the windows, and let her go at it while we sat on the steps and read the paper.