Friday, May 27, 2011

What a Day

First off, I'm just going to assume the comments feature is broken or that your fingers are, because was that last post not hysterical?  Well, Joe and I thought it was anyway.

But back to today.  Steph the Nanny was out of town, so I took the day off work and was looking forward to adventures with the girls.  Had considered an IKEA trek, or the Shedd Aquarium, but decided on a good ole fashioned day-long playdate at Maggie's house....which was apparently not meant to be.  We had adventures alright, just not the right kind.

In chronological order:
  • Georgia got sick, so we had to cancel and stay home. (Begin juggling routine of doting on sick child while attending to June who did not get it (or like it) that Georgia needed extra attention.)
  • On his morning commute, Joe was verbally assaulted on the el by a man who was clearly not well, to the point that for the first time he actually had to get off his train car and move to another one.  But when he arrived at his stop, the man spotted Joe from the train and continued to point and yell!
  • Georgia started puking. 
  • Joe's credit card number was stolen, and $900 of fraudulent charges were rung up.
  • June fell backwards off a step stool and hit her head. 
  • Georgia choked on a bite of apple so badly that I had to perform the Heimlich maneuver and sweep her mouth with my finger to dislodge it.  Terrifying, but over quickly.  I'd venture to say that was the low point of the day. 
  • Georgia spilled an entire Shakespeare's cup full of milk all over the place.  This probably doesn't seem to you like it should've made this list, but trust me. 
  • June fell backwards off the step stool AGAIN.  (Is she a slow learner, or are we terrible supervisers?)
  • Georgia broke out in hives on her face, chest and arms at the dinner table and had to be given Benadryl.   
  • I ended the day in an (intentionally) uncomfortably cold oatmeal bath, because I'm incessantly itching like a MF, but that's a topic for a whole 'nother post.  
 Better luck tomorrow.


katandkarl said...

What a day - glad it's over and YAY holiday weekend!

Maggie said...

Those days suck. I'm sorry to hear about the choking thing most of all, that scares me so much. What was the benedryl for?

jessica said...

Oh dear lord. That sounds horrible. I hope today is better and hope everyone is feeling good and not itchy!

Ann said...

Okay, truth be told, I was never a big fan of Space Balls. But I get it, and June is adorable nevertheless.

And as for this horrendous day for your ENTIRE family, it sounds like you're ready for a good night's rest and a restart to the whole weekend. Hope things are better all around!

Kate said...

Oh, I'm no lover of Space Balls either!

Maggie - the benadryl got rid of the hives, but the hives were a mystery. We of course assumed food allergy, but it made no sense given what we were sitting down to eat (all homemade leftovers). Very puzzling. Have you ever heard of kids having hives as a symptom of a common cold/virus? I really think that's what this was, because it came back again today (Saturday) a couple of times, and once bad enough that we again had to give her benadryl to take care of it. I will say that is an annoyance of the whole food allergy thing -- anything skin related puts us on hyper alert, when at times it turns out to be totally unnecessary.