Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who Wore It Best?

Georgia, 2009:

June, 2011:

You know, Joe and I try very hard never to compare the girls to each other, favorably or infavorably, in front of them.  None of that, "Look what a good job your sister is doing sitting at the table / putting her shoes on / not throwing a hysterical fit / [insert description here]" business.   

But on the inside, I'm frequently thinking it.  Since we've gone to Sanibel for vacation several years in a row now, it was hard not to notice that June was decidely less interested in having anything to do with the ocean at this age, whereas Georgia was somehow fearless about it in 2009.  Also, June's a very happy, affectionate kid, but she's not one to mug for the camera, so it's difficult to capture smiling photographs of her.  (Apparently she takes her sand play very seriously.)  Georgia, on the other hand, has never been too forthcoming with the snuggles and is hesitant about interacting with new people, but is a total ham in front of the camera.  So, it's interesting to watch their little personalities grow in different ways, but I sometimes have to force myself to sit back and let it happen, to let them be their own people and not push June to "love" the ocean, just because Georgia did when she was that age.  (Or just because mommy wants to get in, gosh darnit!)

On a related clothing note, the fact that they both have August birthdays means that with the exception of the handful of new clothes that June gets added to her wardrobe, or old things of Georgia's that we decide to weed out rather than hand down, the girls are often seen/pictured wearing the exact same outfits at corresponding ages.  And my brain totally gravitates to it.  Like when we packed for Florida this year, I didn't just grab 5 summery outfits for June, I unconsciously chose the same stuff that I packed for Georgia in 2009.  It's so weird, but I guess it stands to reason that if I thought those were our "best" beach vacation outfits back then, they're probably still my favorites now.  So I hope you agree with me that it's more cute/funny than creepy/weird.

And then there's the stuff that happens purely by accident, I swear.  Like wearing almost the same clothes, on the same boat ride, and gettting your picture snapped while drinking from a sippy cup.  (Is our life on repeat, or what?)

Georgia, 2009:

June, 2011:


Susan said...

Love the title of this post!! They are both too cute.

Anonymous said...

Clair and Annie are also two years apart. Label the pictures or twenty years from now you will drive yourself nuts trying to figure out which kid is in the picture. Seeing your posts is always a high point.

Ann said...

This is so great. I can't wait to do the same with our second August girl. Glad to know I'm not the only freak looking forward to repeating history!

Beth said...

Look forward to see Lollipop in the orange shorts by the boat in 2013!!