Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm so sorry, little fetus

But I'm going downstairs to buy donut holes now. 

You guys, I feel so ashamed because my diet sucks.  Like seriously, my children eat 1,000 times healthier than I do.  Do you know the number of times I tell them "sorry, not tonight, dessert is a 'sometimes' food" and then proceed to stuff my face with oreos or rhubarb crisp or this week's latest, smores made in the microwave, after they've gone to bed?  I am the biggest hypocrite ever

To be fair, I actually have a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, and not too many processed foods.  It's just that on top of that, I have been adding a truckload of SUGAR.  And then I see things that say the baby's palette is being affected in utero by what I'm ingesting and I feel enormous guilt over the fact that this unborn child will grow to only eat Thin Mints one day.  I tell myself I'll go nearly cold turkey on sweets once the baby is born, but realistically my current habits are going to make that very hard to do. 

But right now I must have donut holes, even though I will very shortly be getting repeatedly kicked in the ribs (from the inside) for it.


Me? A Mom? said...

Stop being so hard on yourself. I'm sure you still consume about ten times more healthy food than the average person from the sounds of things. My entire diet with Lila revolved around McDonald's french fries and powdered donuts.

Save the shame for your moments on the scale. :)

Kate said...

ha ha ha! well, you're right about the "10 times more food" part! McDonald's fries sound really good.

what's a scale? : )

Emily said...

Get in the van. Get on the highway. Drive until you're away from yuppies. Stop at highway rest-stop. Observe the obese Americans who have never heard of "organic" or "grass-fed." Realize that you eat very well and are holding yourself to an unrealistic standard. Buy a milkshake to go and drink it with a smile.

Beth said...

Sounds to me like Mom just ate too much sugar while you were in utero, and this is just out of your control now. Not your fault. Blame Mom. Problem solved.

Mindy said...

Thank god someone else has fessed up to not allowing their kid dessert (Charlie still has CHRISTMAS candy in her dessert candy bag - that's how infrequently she gets dessert), but then goes and eats it after they're in bed. Case in point, I just finished a giant piece of pie. I justify that since I'm still nursing that I need the calories. It is going to be a hard, hard life for me when I stop burning those extra calories. As a result, I may nurse Juliet until she's 12.

Ann said...

Wait, I was supposed to feel bad about my dessert three times a day habit while pregnant with this baby?? No one told me. Enjoy it and cut those cute girls some slack too. It's summer so I think ice cream is mandatory.

Kate said...

Emily - if you only knew how many milkshakes I've consumed with a smile! Somehow a Potbelly's Oreo smoothie is now considered an acceptable "drink" to go with my mushroom sandwich.

Beth - that's a great solution to SO MANY of our problems - brilliant!

Mindy - mmmmm. pie.

Ann - see, you are super nice, because you're the only one here advising that I feed the GIRLS more sugar. If only they could read, they'd be thanking you.

Faith said...

I had the same problem during my second pregnancy. Well, my first too... by the last month I didn't even try to hold back. Now I use breastfeeding as an excuse for my sweet cravings. And already trying to come up with another valid excuse for when that's over too!