Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Request for Comments: What Should We Name the Baby (if it's a girl)?

Joe and I haven't discussed names much yet and should probably start.  I'm soliciting input because here's how it goes when we try (this is from an actual email exchange - name omitted so as not to offend): 
From: Kate
To: Joe
Subject:  boy name?
What do you think of [____]?

From: Joe
To: Kate
Subject: RE: boy name?
This biggest A-hole at the London School of Economics was a guy from Georgia Tech who played on their football team and was the epitome of a loudmouth American bastard. He was a [_____], so I couldn't name a kid that and ever face Jason again.

Gee, that was productive.  Actually, I think we're all set with 2 or 3 unused boy names that we settled on during my first two pregnancies.  So if this baby is a boy, it'll just be a matter of us coming to an agreement on which of those 2 or 3 to use for a first and middle name.
But we need girl names!  Got ideas?  (If so, please leave a comment! Or send me an email.) I'd prefer something that sounds nice with "Georgia" and "June" but does not start with a soft "G/J" sound, seeing as how I'm already living with Georgia, June and Joe and am constantly tripping on their names.  We can happily go traditional/old-timey, except that we don't want it to begin to sound like we're running an old folks' home.  That rules out a lot of names that when said together with Georgia and June are like reading the roster for a bridge game.  We can happily go more modern/trendy, except not too modern/trendy, because then it will sound weird with Georgia and June.  So a happy medium would be nice.  Having a Georgia means place names are kind of out for us, especially other states.  As are other months - that would just be weird.  [Note:  I am allowed to break ALL of these rules, so don't hold me to them.]   

Here's how it goes when we discuss girl names (this is from another actual email exchange - name included because otherwise this won't make sense.  Hope this doesn't offend.  And also, sue me for being drawn to nouns, okay? Don't make fun of me if you hate this name.) 
From: Kate
To: Joe
Subject: names
what do you think of "Ivy" for a girl's name?
that's nice, don't you think?

From: Joe
To: Kate
Subject: RE: names
Hmm... kind of like it but I'm having dueling associated images: itchy poison ivy and lush green ivy on the walls of Wrigley or my junior year dorm

And now, since I've revealed one girl name that I liked at least for one moment in time, it's only fair that I share with you Joe's suggestion:  Francesca.  What?  Um, no.  And I'm sorry if I just offended all of the Francescas of the world and their parents.  It's a lovely name that I do not think at all works for our family. 

Other suggestions, please?


Anonymous said...

At least you aren't teachers--nearly every name you could come up with would have a negative connotation. I only have 1 more day with my 4 Bens and 4 Alexes out of 15 kids.

Leslie Stafford said...

Ooh, fun, girl names! No offense taken if none of these are to your liking:


Okay, that's all I've got for now. But, I'll post more if they come to me.

Crystal said...


We have friends who have kids named Max and Penelope. As we've already taken their Max, we can't take their Penelope too. So I'm giving it to you!

Ann said...

I do love Penelope. And Ingrid. And maybe sometimes Charlotte (could be another place name though). So many options...Ivy is pretty too, but I think I like Iris more.

Danni said...

Some names I like (that I expect a lot of people will not like):

Edythe (my grandma)
Stella (my great-grandma, neice and friends' little girl)
Magda (not sure why I like this)
Wynna (my great-aunt)

I'm sure I will think of more.

Marathon Mom said...

Here are some names we had on our (ok my) girl list...

Ophelia (the one we used) :-)

Emily said...

Oh, the botanicals! I love the botanicals . . . Ivy, Violet, Lily, etc. They sound ridiculous with Poppe so I'll suggest them to you. Also, both of my grandmothers were named Mildred (joke).

Me? A Mom? said...

I've actually been giving A LOT (too much) thought to the name of your third child. Boy, that sounds really creepy when I go back and read that. Oh well.

Elizabeth (a classic with so many fun nicknames - Betsy!)

Mindy said...

A third vote for Penelope - it was our second-run name for Charlie, although we would have called her Polly as a nickname.

Our second choice name for Juliet was Wren, which I still love so much. Georgia, June, and Wren sounds lovely!

sara said...

Well, if you aren't going to go for Lollipop, then my vote is for Babydoll Rockabye FuJefferson.

Susan said...

If I recall correctly, Susan was once on your girl name list. I think it's still a pretty good option, if I do say so myself :)

Also, love Savannah like someone else suggested, but I don't think you can do that....or maybe you could and then take a family trip to Savannah, Georgia next June ;) Cool!