Monday, June 27, 2011

We Take the Bad with the Good

(We've got no ugly here.  Pshtaw!)

This post is dedicated to a few friends of mine who either have recently gone from 1 child to 2, or are about to.  I wish you the best of luck.  Maybe you'll figure this sibling stuff out better than I have. 

People will start asking you approximately 5 minutes after your children meet for the first time how they are getting along.  Depending on their ages, you should be prepared for it to take a long time for them to truly reciprocally interact -- say, 18 months?  Also, be prepared for them to not always like each other or treat each other well.  But when they do, it feels magical.

Sometimes, unfortunately, your life is going to look like this: 

And you will feel so defeated that there seems no better response than to record the fits of your feral children. 

ETA: Joe tells me that video makes me look cruel, like I'm just ignoring them. Surely you are aware that the video camera only came out after all other reasonable efforts were exhausted? So what you're seeing is not the worst of it, it's the clamer, tail end of the fit.

But sometimes, your life is going to look like this: 

And you will be glad that you caught it on video, so that you can watch it for the rest of your life whenever you're having a bad day.  It's like capturing pure joy in a bottle to save for later.


Angelique said...

Love it!! That first video happens daily in our house...only there is a 3rd one adding to the chaos. Wish I could tell you 3 is easier than 2...I guess you get more "conditioned" with each addition:)

Maggie said...

Yes, yes, the top video we go through each day also. But, thankfully, there's enough of the second video to make you not want to get in a car and escape forever.

sea legs girl said...

Hahaha. That was hilarious. Fun to hear your voice, too.

Kelly said...

This is awesome! Good to have an honest look at what my life will look like here very soon!

Ann said...

Um, no one told me there would be crying times two. Unacceptable.

Crystal said...

I love the competitive glances during the crying! Mine do that too :)