Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 9, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Georgia!
Welcome Home, Waylon!

Getting all strapped in.

Hmmm...this shot looks eerily familiar to some taken in 2007 and 2009. Except this time with a birthday balloon for big sis Georgia.

Crossing the threshold; let the chaos begin!





Let's open presents!

Notice mouth full of chewing gum. A BIG DEAL birthday treat.



Oh, I feel ya, bro.

Time for cake! My name is Georgia, and I would like to put the candles in myself, and I will put all 4 in one miniature cupcake, thank you very much.


The beginning of our new "normal". Trying to nurse Waylon; June's obsessed with finding him and showing him a stuffed cat, all while precariously perched on a bar stool.


Georgia, you have no idea how happy this picture of you happily wrestling with your cousin makes me. You've come a long way, kid.

And I'm throwing this one in for good measure, because seriously, how does she come up with hair looking so perfect? I'm jealous.

Happy 4th Birthday to you, our sweet Georgia. You have grown and changed so much this year, physically and emotionally. Physically, you've been shooting up and are starting to look a little lanky. Emotionally, you've made great strides in your comfort playing with other kids, making new friends, and just generally feeling less separation anxiety, as best as we can tell. (Though you still pull moves like bawling at the gas station last week because you thought I had left you and June. Chica, I am pumping gas. You can see me out your window, no?) Your sassy attitude and the way you talk has us often feeling like you are 15 going on 16, until suddenly the tears flow out of nowhere and we're reminded that you are in fact only 3 going on 4. I can hardly keep up with your vocab, yet the words that you still mess up are the ones that make me smile the most, like "lellow" and "blueblerries" and the "serious" (aka Sears) tower. I love your innocence and how excited you can get about the simplest things: a pink puffball for crafts, a juice box (which is still a treat in your world), a sticker or a balloon. For your birthday, your requests were: (1) a birthday book about cake, (2) a shopping cart for June, and (3) a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and guitars and a strawberry on top. (So now June's getting the particular shopping cart that you wanted for her generous of you.) You are bossy and particular and FULL of instructions, which can be a bad thing, but also a good thing because we know you'll always help out the adult in charge (say, for example, when we have to leave for the hospital in the middle of the night). You love pink and purple, Sid the Science Kid, performing on pretend stages in our house (singing, dancing, playing guitar), and playing doctor or whatever other imaginary game of the moment that you've invented. We're biased but think you're uncannily good at impersonating others' voices.  Unfortunately, your favorite one to use is a baby voice, which I'm not gonna lie, drives me UP THE WALL, though I'm sure I should be celebrating your creativity.  You love cake and ice cream but also asparagus and frozen mixed vegetables - yes, you prefer them straight from the freezer, which makes life pretty easy on the cooks around here. You're a great big sister to June, if not a bit too imitation-parent-like at times, and I'm sorry that we've thrown this little brother wrench into your plans, but I'm sure you'll rise to the occasion in due time. (Though, let's face it. As sweet as you are to baby Waylon, Week 1 with him in the house has been rough on you. And therefore, us.) You are a creature extremely comforted by routine, and the past few weeks have been anything but.  Nice of him to be born on the 7th, though, to leave you your big day all to yourself, and to allow us to be home to share it with you!  You're daddy's baby, and mommy's big, strong, capable girl, but in your own words we're all "capable babies."  Funny, that sounds about right right now.  Much love to you during your month-long celebration of your 4th birthday, Bobinx!


P.S.  Sorry if that was the most disjointed thing ever written.  I'm running a little low on sleep. 


Beth said...

I like the 3rd photo the most - where looking carefully you can see a Kate hand and a Joe hand try to restrain some excited big sisters from MAULING the new baby in the house.....

Me? A Mom? said...

on that one of June in the car seat, my first thought was, "Oh my god, she's on the baby!" This is what having three kids four and under does to you. Welcome, you will soon relate if you don't already.

Anonymous said...

These are great birthday shots! The ones of Georgia and Same wrestling are wonderful!! And Kate, thought it all, you look like you are loving every minute and having fun with your family of five. Tom T

Kate said...

Cara - I'm laughing out loud here at the thought of you gasping in horror at June just sitting right on top of the baby in the carseat, but you are totally right -- completely within the realm of possibility! : )

Danni said...

Awww very sweet. Hard to believe she's getting so old.