Sunday, August 28, 2011


Happy (blog-belated) 2nd Birthday to our little Junie, the snuggliest, most kitty-loving, hug-giving, soft as the Pillsbury dough boy-est, self-soothing individual I know. I hope you never stop loving to lounge, snuggle, and relax as much as you do now.

Some of our favorite/your most common phrases:  "Watch this!", "Stop it, Georgia!", "What doing?", "Whyyyyy?", "I go with you?", and, "No space me!"  Also, I cannot get over the cuteness of hearing you say "underpants," very deliberately landing on each syllable.

You did seem Godzilla-like enormous as soon as we got home from the hospital with your brother, but you are still 100% our baby - don't ever let anybody tell you differently!   

Turning Two

Kitty Love

Kitty Love

A couple videos for posterity that I (and hopefully June) will enjoy seeing years from now but may not be interesting to anyone else:

Ring Around the Rosy

Birthday Interview Attempt 1

Birthday Interview Attempt 2


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Emily said...

Love it. Obviously you need to get in touch with June's agent about her demands for agreeing to this interview . . .