Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11/01: Where Were You?

One of the first weeks of law school, our 1L year.
Getting ready for Contracts class, in our apartment on Barry Avenue in Chicago.
Drying hair, putting on makeup, and the Today Show was on in the background.
So I saw the towers hit on live TV.   
Rode the L downtown to school, watching commuters on cell phones start to get calls and catch wind of what was happening.
Joe had an earlier Civ Pro class, so we didn't meet up until later in the morning, at our locker.  (The two of us had no cell phones at the time but were locker partners.  Sounds more like 1991 than 2001.)
Got in touch with friends and family in New York later in the day.
Couldn't believe my entire extended family had just stayed in a hotel directly across the street from the World Trade Center in June of 2001 for my cousin's wedding.
News kept coming, and they had TVs set up in the law school atrium.  After several days of coverage, Joe and I could not process or handle any more.  I am like that with tragedies sometimes; I have to turn it off.
Law school was off to a bad start.  Everyone was affected. 

Ten years later, and the images are still hard to watch, the stories hard to hear.   

[Taking a break from regularly scheduled programming to remember 9/11 on the tenth anniversary.  For those of you with kids, do your children know anything about that day's events yet?  Ours do not.]


Susan said...

That comment about cell phones and locker rooms was hilarious!

Not really an answer to your last question, but on a related note..... I read a twitter post the other day of a lady (here in NYC) who came home from work on Friday to find out her babysitter had told her kids about 9/11 (they're like 2 and 4 years old). Yikes.

Danni said...

It was my first week of work at my old firm. My friend was wandering the halls informing everyone that we were being invaded. There was no internet. We found a TV in a corner partner's office and watched the second tower go down live. The building was evacuated and I went home to awaken Ted who had slept through the whole thing.