Thursday, September 15, 2011


Y'all probably want to me shut up about preschool already, but now I've started a vicious cycle of reporting about it, so I feel like I have to update. Someone stop this train, I want to get off!

Anyway, Georgia cried so much at school yesterday that she made herself throw up. Four times.

We're hoping this was just a fluke of a rough day and that she'll be fine again on Friday. They've said she can bring along her stuffed doggie for comfort. C'mon dog, don't fail us now!

How 'bout I fill you all in after another month or so, so that I don't get caught up in these flip flopping daily updates, mmmmkay?


Susan said...

I love the preschool updates!

Susan said...

Oh...but I hope this was a fluke, too. I wonder what got her so upset? Did something happen another day that bothered her?

Jennie said...

Hope she's doing better. In one of the preschool classrooms I was in last week, there was a little boy, crying inconsolably, saying how much he loved his mother in Spanish...while carrying her picture around. And another kiddo also cried so hard he threw up several times...while Mom was there. Georgia is definitely not the only one going through this. Hang in there! (Her and you and Joe!)