Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"The Most Beautiful Dress in the World" - IN ACTION!

If I have the legend right, this masterful creation, aptly named "The Most Beautiful Dress in the World", was sewn by Joe's aunt Kathy and originally worn in the early 80's by his sister, Sara.

ETA:  Oops.  Apparently I had it wrong.  The dress was sewn by Joe's Gran and was worn by all of her granddaughters. 

The Most Beautiful Dress in the World

(I don't know how to braid. Her preschool teacher did that!)

And now, an opportunity to show you Georgia's mad balance bike skills! June trotting along in this video kind of blocks the view of Georgia's ability to put her feet up on the back, but that's okay, because June trotting along is also quite entertaining to me. : )



katandkarl said...

i know i'm in my happy baby bubble but GEEZUS that toddling along is cute. i might have teared up a bit! HORMONES. :)

Aunt Kathy said...

I love seeing the dress on Georgia. Actually Joe's Gran sewed the dress for Sara and all the Shields/Marzo women have worn it. She would be so happy to see it survived! I don't get into cleaning like Marsha does so I have lots of treasures from long ago.

Sarah said...

Like ;) And I'm happy to see some smiles before and after preschool. I agree, watching June chase her sister is adorable!