Monday, November 21, 2011

What is Art, Anyway?

Here it is, the overdue Georgia preschool update:  she loves it!  The nervous puking episode was short lived, she has made lots of friends and says things like, "I wish I had school every day."  Awesome! (The good news is that her separation anxiety has nothing to do with the academic setting specifically.  The bad news is that it extends pretty much everywhere. She's making progress but has a ways to go.)  Anyway, school is great.  Yea!     

The stuff coming home with the girls cracks me up.  At June's co-op they do traditional art projects, and since the room is full of two year olds, the kids get quite a bit of help.  At Georgia's Montessori preschool, I gather that they either aren't doing traditional art projects, or else she's electing not to do them.  So she comes home with things like envelopes full of cut up scraps of paper.  (Um, great work, honey. Way to practice your fine motor skills?)  The funny thing is that for every project that June brings home, Georgia wants to re-create one of her own.  It's a win-win:  I love that I don't have to think of these ideas, and I'm hoping that June's getting a boost from seeing her big sister want to copy her work.   

Check it out - Montessori "art" vs. co-op "art":

(Pay no attention to the crazy running girl in the background.)


Georgia's imitation:
(Pay no attention to the crazy goggled girl in the background.)

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That is hilarious!