Friday, December 16, 2011

June's Co-Op Christmas Show

Georgia may be an actress at heart, to whom all the world's a stage, but she hasn't actually gotten on a real one yet. So last night marked the performance debut of any of our children, and we could not have been more thrilled to see little Junie in her co-op Christmas show.

Envision us there: Aunt Beth holding Waylon and feeding him a bottle, Alice and Sam watching, Joe with Georgia on his lap, Aunt Sara taking photos, and me videotaping, all of us with rapt attention. (Remind me of this enthusiasm someday when we are watching our third beginner's band concert, okay?)

Bravo, June!

June's Co-Op Christmas show 2011

Santa's beard is long and white

[VIDEO] (Eat your hearts out, grandparents):

Highlights of this short film include: yawning, falling while putting on Santa's boots (nice recovery!), and Joe's favorite, June yelling out, "That's my daddy!" when she spotted him in the audience at the end.


Maggie said...

Anna said, What is that silly child doing? When she saw June putting the boots on during the song.

Good job, June!

Your pics of the kids in the previous post really makes me want to get a new lens for my camera.


Crystal said...

Oh so awesome, Junie! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, June!! And little Santa Waylon is darling, too!! Merry Christmas! Tom T.

Sarah said...

I love that little Santa!