Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rev to Conk

Rev to Conk to ring in the new year.  Who's with me? 

Rev, as in, "rev your engines."  
Conk, as in, "conk out in exhaustion." 

"Rev to Conk" is a phrase originally coined by Joe to describe the ill-advised technique of getting your children all riled up right before putting them to bed under the theory that they'll be so tired out from bouncing off the walls that they will quickly and easily fall asleep.  Any sleep expert will tell you that this does not work, and you should instead employ a calmer, more soothing bedtime routine.  Every now and then, though, Joe can't help himself from trying out Rev to Conk again.

The phrase "Rev to Conk" has since been expanded in our household to apply to many other situations.  For example, Joe and I have committed to doing a 21 Day Sugar Detox starting on January 2nd.  It's going to be hard core (if we stick to it), and I had promised myself that I wasn't going to Rev to Conk leading up to it.  But here I am, in the middle of a giant rev:  polishing off the last of the Christmas cookies, cleaning the pantry of forbidden goodies by eating them rather than pitching them, and hoping to be hooked up to an I.V. drip of Coca-Cola on New Year's Day.  Joe reports that he is behaving much like Cookie Monster at the office, readying himself to fall off a cliff made out of sugar in 2012.

Man, it's gonna be one hell of a conk. 
num num num num

So, who's with us?  Are you revving as we speak?  Are you ready to conk?  Rev to Conk in 2012, my friends!


Danni said...

I already reved and am trying to now conk. In all three areas in which I seek to improve in 2012:

1) eating
2) booze drinking
3) spending

I figure that if I use this week as a warmup it will be easier come January 1.

Ann said...

How can you see me through the internet???

Perfectly timed post. I'm in TOTAL rev mode...eating all the leftover cookies, cake, chocolate in the house so no one else will have to. Ahhhh, the things I do for this family. Not sure I can pull off a total detox, but very curious to see how your challenge goes. Keep posting on it please! And good luck to you both!!! Reeeeeeevvvv....

Anonymous said...

Rev Rev Rev Rev

Happy New Year!
Tom T.

Mindy said...

Hilarious because this is EXACTLY what I'm doing now. Eating and drinking in ridiculous quantities in preparation of my January 2 start of no alcohol, vegan until 6 p.m. and limited (I can't do none - nearly impossible) sugar. My jeans fit on December 24th, but I bet you that they'll be tight on Tuesday morning. I'm revving to the best of my ability!

Beth said...

Hey Chatty Patty - When are those Christmas pictures coming again???