Monday, January 9, 2012

My Annual Excuse to Post Wedding Photos

Happy 8th Anniversary to us!  This time I thought I'd change things up a bit and instead of sharing pictures of our gorgeous beachfront wedding, I'd go to the vault and dig up the secret photos of our second underground ceremony, the one that made it all legal in the basement of city hall.  The "reception" was at Chipotle, and then we headed back to ITP class. 

Marriage Court

Marriage Court

To answer your question: no, we weren't 12. Just tanned and toned after a week in Mexico. Amazing how much seven years of practicing law and three children can age you.

P.S. Starchy shirts = it was the day of class composite photo headshots.


Beth said...

Happy Secret-Anniversary-that-I-was sworn-to-never-mention-to-anyone-because-it's-not-your-real-anniversary-and-you-don't-want-to-hear-about-it-because-it-might-somehow-detract-from-the-beach-wedding-and-don't-tease-me-about-it-either day! (you had quite a few worries in 2004.) Great photos though. Pretty cool that your big sister INSISTED on coming and taking some pictures. She rocks.

Emily said...

I forgot that you (we) were still in law school when you got hitched. Maybe that's why a weekend in Mexico was especially awesome? Can we go back and can you throw another party that ends in a pool?

jessica said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Love you both!

Kate said...

Beth - yes, I thought it odd that you insisted on coming as a "witness" at the time, but am now happy to have the pics!

Emily - yes, and yes! We must all go back. It should all end in a pool somehow. 10th anniversary reunion maybe?

Anonymous said...

I love the secret wedding anniversary. Great photos - big sister knows best! Tom T.

Emily said...

A friend of ours just returned from a wedding in Miami where he arrived just in time to catch the very end of the rehearsal dinner. As he was walking up he ran into one his friends who had flown in for the weekend with his wife, without their young children. This was their first trip sans kids. He was puking into the bushes. Maybe we don't need to end up partying that hard, but I think that ending the night in a pool sounds totally reasonable.