Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Liquids and Solids

The first part of February was a bit rough on me. I broke my pinkie toe in a bar fight while picking up toys. Then there was the dermatological testing that involved plastering every square inch of my back in medical tape, plus orders not to shower, nurse the baby, or exercise for 5 days. I realize these were not real problems in the grand scheme of things, but when you're gimping around like a robot feeling like you've been covered in papier mache, it tends to make you a bit cranky.  Thank you to the Aunt Brigade for helping me get through the week!

I suppose there was no need for me to share all of that as lead in to the fact that the girls enjoyed a week of feeding Waylon bottles while I pumped and dumped, but oh well, there you go.    

June feeding Waylon

It would have been nice if the doctor told me before I was standing in his office that I couldn't nurse all week, but on the plus side we've been enjoying a lot of these moments.

Waylon started solids a few days after his six month birthday, because that's how long it took to find a time when he was awake, hungry, and Joe was home to do the honors.  I had originally hoped for everyone to be there for this momentous occasion, but I became concerned Waylon would never get a chance to eat if we waited for the stars to align perfectly, so alas, June was permitted to sleep through it.  You're probably laughing at me for considering it a momentous occasion, but I have to say that to me starting solids always has been.  After nourishing a baby inside my body and out for so long, it feels like sending him out into the world, the first teeny tiny cutting of the apron strings in a way.

So far, it appears that Waylon much prefers grabbing the spoon to actually ingesting food, and he's got quite the grip.

First bites of baby oatmeal

Not so sure about it
{This day was a nice example of why we call him "Anemone" sometimes; love that wispy sea anemone hair swaying in the breeze!}

Finally got that spoon!

Now is when I need you to tell me that this boy will actually eat someday.  I vaguely recall it taking several weeks for June to get the hang of it, too, but memory fades, so I am currently in that paranoid period of impatience where I am wondering how to get from 3 spoonfuls all over his bib to 3 squares in his belly.  How did we do that again last time?


Emily said...

He'll get there - especially if he's already that good at grabbing the spoon! But meanwhile, how are you?!

Sarah said...

Congrats! It is a big deal! I considered having a Hindu-inspired first solids ceremony for Mia until I realized that it's not really realistic to plan a time for such things. Sounds like he's doing well - spoon feeding already :). No worries - the goal at this point is for him to want to eat more, not for him to digest it all.