Monday, February 20, 2012

Six Months!

WHAT?  It seems this cannot be true, but Waylon turned six months old on February 7th. And now the fun begins!  Not that newborns aren't sweet in their own way, but I find it astounding how much babies change in the second half of their first year of life.  (At least my babies, I guess I should qualify, but I think this is pretty universal.)  Because if you are my baby, then on your six month birthday you are still just a peeing and pooping machine lying on your back all day, trying to communicate by blowing bubbles out of your mouth, and you haven't even eaten any solid food, but by your first birthday you will very likely be sitting, crawling, pulling up to standing, communicating via sign language and possibly (maybe?) a few spoken words, and of course consuming cake by the fistful.

More about Waylon's first six months when I get a chance, but until then, here's the first installment of a photo series we've been working on.  In case you can't tell, it's a play on those shots you sometimes see of a father cradling his newborn baby in an extended arm, with the man often times inexplicably shirtless.  I've seen tasteful versions of this, but more often than not they are so over the top cheesy that I can't help but chuckle.  It probably works best with a small infant or even a preemie in the palm of one's hand, not a nearly nine pounder like Waylon was!  At six months old he's no longer so chunky (25th-50th percentile), but at 28 1/4 inches, he's over the 95th percentile for length.

(All credit for the original concept goes to the owner of the Flickr set from whom I borrowed the idea.)

Newborn Arm Thing

One Month Arm Thing

Two Months Arm Thing

Three Months Arm Thing

Four Months Arm Thing

Five Months Arm Thing

Sixth Months Arm Thing

CAUTION:  Do not try this at home.  May lead to bickering, arm strain, or fingers uncomfortably lodged around baby's neck.  Balancing a baby in one arm is apparently more difficult than it looks, no matter how many times the photographer pleads, "Higher!  No, farther out!  Wait, move your hand! No, not like that!"


Anonymous said...

Of course the men should be shirtless.... :-) Great photos and happy 6th month birthday to baby Waylon.

jessica said...

I love it! Joe's a good sport :) I know you don't want to hear this but he totally looks like a little boy in that last shot. Baby Waylon's growing up!

Faith said...

"Inexplicably shirtless" haha, love it!

Susan said...

I think he looks like Superman in the last shot! This is so cute! And you're explanation, so funny!

Sarah said...

That is so cute! And he looks like he loves it!

Faith said...
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Ann said...

This is beautiful. What a way to document the months literally flying by! I am amazed at how fast it goes this next time around. Love Waylon's look in the last shot especially.

Crystal said...

Love it!