Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2nd Generation Kewpies/Mini-Joe

Kelly, Evelyn and Miles came to visit! Miles and Waylon No shortage of hair on these 8 month-old little dudes who are only a week apart in age. I'm posting this photo because it's perhaps the most Joe-like of any Waylon photo to date. Do you agree?


Maggie said...

I'm dying over this photo. The boys are so cute!!

Kelly said...

Yes, I totally agree! W is a little mini-Joe here. So fun to get the boys (and girls) together! Now that W is crawling, starting to pull up, and using the potty :), he'll have to teach M some of his tricks (still just sitting still here in CoMo).

Looking at this picture, I'm kinda thinking it might be time to cut M's hair again - it's crazy!!! What do you think???

jessica said...

I want to squeeze both of these cuties. I can't believe they were itty bitty newborns the last time I saw them.