Friday, June 15, 2012

Mother's Day (Observed)

Since I spent Mother's Day on a plane, we decided to observe the holiday for real the following weekend. Mother's and Father's Days at our place (so far) are celebrated by: getting in a workout, eating whatever you want, not having to cook or clean a thing, doing whatever you want (provided that it's something totally easy and simple) with minimal involvement from the children, and generally being a lazy parent while the other person picks up all the slack.  Joe's request for Father's Day is to watch the U.S. Open.  My Mother's Day request was to plant our back porch plants for the season.  It was unseasonably hot, so we brought out the kiddie pool, which I love.  We ate beer can chicken.  In some ways I am very spoiled, but I am easy to please.

Digging in the dirt and splashing.  Amongst the cars.  It's more fun than you might imagine.

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jessica said...

Sounds like a good Mother's Day to me! Well deserved. Those flowers look pretty. What all did you plant?