Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Waylon's Hair

I feel hopelessly behind on blogging, and I know that I could just skip it and move on, but you know, CUTE STUFF HAS HAPPENED. And of course, not blogging it doesn't mean it didn't happen or whatever, but hello, THE GIRLS WERE FLOWER GIRLS. So I have to get to that. Most of the rest of it is just everyday junk that no one really cares about, except that I do for some reason. Blogging is my way of freezing time, living life twice.

If I posted entries every day would I catch up? Who knows. The thing is, with so much travel this spring, I'm not just behind on blogging, I'm behind on everything. Paying bills, putting away winter clothes, returning phone calls, you name it.

If I could hang a big "OUT OF ORDER" sign on this blog I might, because I'm having trouble putting together anything logical or cohesive. In an effort to get back into the swing of things, I'm just going to declare that I don't care and dive back in with the important topic of: Waylon's hair.

Wait - let me take a step back for a minute. Can we discuss the milestones that have flown by unnoticed? Something about the marker of my dad's illness has really brought into relief how much Waylon has changed. 11 weeks passed from the day my dad entered the hospital to the day he died, and in that same time Waylon went from a puree-eating, wobbly sitter with no teeth, to a sitting, crawling, pulling up baby with two top and two bottom teeth who eats like a horse. He got a clean bill of health at his nine month check-up, where he was also declared a string bean bobble head after logging in in the 25-50th percentile for weight, but 95th+ percentile for length and head circumference.

Aaaaaand, speaking of his head...(like that segue?) Let's discuss his hair. Everyone agrees it needs a cut. I'm just scared of him going from looking like a baby to looking like a lawyer overnight. (I can say that because I technically still am one, right?) So, before any scissors graze on his gorgeous locks, let's take a look back and admire the crazy. Is it curly? Is it straight? Is it brown? Is it turning blond? Is it a wig? You be the judge.




IMG_1359 IMG_1360

Freshly washed and extra fluffy:



IMG_1348 IMG_1350
{His secret? Heat, humidity, and a touch of product called "I Can't Believe it IS Spit-Up"}


DSC_0138 DSC_0135 Topknot

The wet look:


Close-ups of the windblown look: (these crack me up)
DSC_0016 DSC_0017-2 DSC_0018-2

The wet and windblown look:


The possible toupee?

IMG_1485 IMG_1486
{Oh, don't eat sand, bro!}

At the Mehrle's

ETA: Oh! I forgot to add one more from back in March.  The mohawk:

Bathtub Mohawk


Beth said...

LOVE. IT. SO. MUCH. Kudos on an awesome photo montage.

Danni said...

So cute! Let it grow long brah.

Anonymous said...


LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. You are a blogging genius. Apparently, this runs in the family.

Tom T.

Maggie said...

That top knot photo just made me laugh outloud.

Angelique said...

LOVE these pictures!! Truly priceless!

Kelly said...

Love all of these pictures, Kate. And they just prove that Waylon is ADORABLE no matter what hairstyle he's sporting!

Leslie Stafford said...

He is such a cutie!!! Thanks for all the wonderful pics!

And please, no backfill necessary. I took a year off from blogging while I wrapped my head around Peyton's autism. I though about filling in the gap, but that will come with time and now I just post about new things happening. I'll go back, maybe.

Take your time. You have a lot going on and need time to process.

Love you guys!

jessica said...

Top Knot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!