Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Products and Stuff: Wet Brush

Wouldn't it be funny if this were an actual product endorsement, you know, like someone paid me for it? Ha ha! I just thought it would be fun (for me, that is) to give you a random product review. It might improve your life, you never know. 

So here it is: The Wet Brush

Wet Brush Detangling - Blue

This is an $8.00 hairbrush that for some reason goes through wet hair about a hundred times easier than a regular brush, even though I have no idea what the physical differences between this and a regular brush are.  The point is, it works.  If you find combing your kid's hair after a shower or bath to be a huge pain, try one of these.

I bought mine on Amazon, but check out this hilarious picture from the official Wet Brush website: 

I think that about covers it.  Two thumbs up for the Wet Brush!  Thumbs up or thumbs down for Kate telling you about random stuff in the world that she likes?


Anonymous said...

Thumbs UP. Keep those product spots coming..... Tom T.

Jennie said...

Several years ago, Megan was getting ready for a date. She called me in near hysterics. She had gotten a brush stuck in her hair. So stuck that she needed someone else to come over and extricate the brush from her hair. And this picture is the spitting image of what greeted me at the door! Thanks for the laughs! (and the brush recommendation...I'll be getting one for Megan ASAP.)

Doug and Megan said...

"Hi, I can't go out with you tonight because I have a brush stuck in my hair. No, really.". - worst excuse ever!!