Tuesday, September 25, 2012

VJ, Taking Requests*

By popular demand, here are a few videos of the kids.

And by "popular demand", what I mean is that my friend Emily said she wanted to see some video of Waylon being Waylon.

*requests take approximately two months from the date submitted to honor

This first short clip is from Waylon's birthday and shows his current favorite mode of transportation (super-fast crawling) and one of his favorite spots to cause mischief (the toilet).  Sorry the footage appears sideways.  I'm obviously getting older, because I've reached the "technology befuddles me!" stage of life, and I can remember rolling my eyes at people that said stuff like that and couldn't work the VCR back in the day.

Waylon Crawling on First Bday from Kate on Vimeo.

This next clip is older, from when Waylon was between 10 and 11 months old.  I left June and Waylon alone for a few minutes downstairs and then snuck up on them with the camera when I heard so much laughter. This video is a fairly accurate representation of the love and abuse that Waylon tolerates so well.  As always, pardon the mess; let's not focus on that part.

Catching June & Waylon playing downstairs from Kate on Vimeo.

Lastly, what do you get when you take DVR'd Summer Olympics coverage doled out in nightly 20 minute pre-bedtime doses for two weeks, and add in one similarly themed Dora the Explorer movie?  Live "Fantastic Gymnastics" in your home!  Including ribbons taped to straws.  What follows is a video in three parts that I've attempted to paste together.  This film builds from beginning to end and really highlights how June loves to copy her big sister, but totally knows how to make a performance her own.  Watch for Waylon's cameo appearance toward the end.      
Fantastic Gymnastics from Kate on Vimeo.


Emily said...

Totally made my night. Go VJ Kate!

Anonymous said...

Totally made my Day! Tom T.

ritap said...

I love June's two different colored socks. We should all do that!