Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vote for Nacho!


I know you are all stopping by here looking for Halloween pictures.

Hold your horses!  First I need a favor.

Please vote for Nacho in the 2012 Beneful Dream Dog Park contest!  Here's the link:

You can vote everyday through November 7th.  Roxann is our upstairs neighbor, and Nacho is her dog.  Our kids would've appeared in her contest entry video had we not been out of town when they taped.  When Georgia was a wee one, she used to drag her xylophone around on a string pretending it was Nacho.  Roxann has been working her butt off canvassing for this contest, because the winner gets $500,000 to build their dream dog park!  Nope, that wasn't a typo.  I have no idea how she'll even manage to spend that much on the tiny scrap of land that constitutes the Logan Square Dog Park, but God bless her for trying!

[Note: follow the link and it will make you create a username and password to vote, but don't worry, that's the extent of the nuisance factor.  They will not spam you with dog food advertising unless you opt in.]

Speaking of voting, Waylon heard there is another big election coming up this Tuesday.

Waylon, October '12 DSC_0184

Did you hear me?!!!

I want YOU!
I Want YOU!

Waylon's shirt is a hand-me-down with a limited shelf life, and digging up the photos of Georgia wearing it got me to reminiscing.  I'm feeling a little uninvolved, (or perhaps family-focused is the better term), considering that during the last presidential election I was sent to training in D.C. to help run a voter protection hotline.  Before I get all melancholy about it, I'll just ask you:  who wore it best?  Oh, and...



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TomT said...

How could you POSSIBLY ask us to choose between two of your darling children??? It's a tie! And if June wore it, too? A three way tie!!

Go Nacho!