Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Big Stuff

On Monday, Georgia successfully (and mostly happily, I might add) survived her FIRST EVER drop off playdate.  Big stuff!  [I could go on and on here, but she's five and a half, sooooo.....I won't.  You gotta know me well enough to place a call or send an email anymore to get the full deets on that kiddo.]

Kids bowling party. G and Samantha.
                   {G with her friend at a bowling party in December.}

On Wednesday mornings, June now attends what they call "transition class" for 3 year olds at Georgia's school.  She bolted in on the first day like an eager shopper waiting for the doors to open on Black Friday.  So, yeah, she's pretty convinced that she's big stuff!  I concur.

June heading into transition class at CBEC = one happy camper
{Most weeks she comes out in an entirely different set of clothes and announces, "Well, I must've had a good time doing water play!"}

Waylon?  I'm not sure he's gotta any big stuff to report, except that he's outgrowing his pants in girth rather than length, and we've even taken to occasionally letting him wander the house with his waistband unfastened as if he's a middle aged man who just finished Thanksgiving dinner.  Toddler pooch belly = big stuff! 

It wasn't me!

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