Friday, February 22, 2013

Half Birthday, Montessori Style

Half birthday, Montessori style Passing out napkins

I felt a little silly asking Georgia's teachers, at her behest, if we could celebrate her half birthday.  However, I can understand why if you had done this ceremony for your classmates approximately 66 times in two years without ever getting to be the center of attention yourself, you might begin to feel a little shafted as a five year old.

Short, sweet, simple, and Georgia was elated.  (Although I have to laugh at how bored her friends look in these pictures!)  I'm glad we did this because it will probably be the first and last time she ever gets to celebrate her August birthday at school.

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Sarah said...

Aw, I'm glad she finally got her day. Mia refused to walk around the world on her 3rd Birthday, probably because she hadn't seen it done yet. Maybe next year.