Friday, March 29, 2013

Prolly My Most Awesomest Look Ever

Have I ever looked awesomer?
Prolly my most awesomest look ever
It would appear that I went on a bender and then had a mugshot taken after going on a wild crime spree.

Actually this is apparently what I look like after not having time to shower, cleaning the house for showings today (shooing the poor kids from one room to the next as I mopped and such), all while taking care of Georgia who was miserable and throwing up all day, bless her heart.  Thank goodness for generous neighbors - at least I only had to carry her in her pj's from our bed to a bed on the 2nd floor.  There are some advantages to communal living.  


jessica said...

Can we talk about your flawless skin and pretty brown eyes?

Kate said...

Yes, let's! Thanks! These can be achieved by using an overexposed iPhone photo taken in reverse mode, which helps to eliminate all wrinkles and blemishes - foolproof method! : )