Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You Gotta Try This Pole

This scene from Ghostbusters is exactly how our housing search has gone so far.  No really, it almost hits a little too close to home!

(it's short - press play and then click 'skip ad')

I have seen Ghostbusters a few times in my life. Joe has seen it thousands it seems. In our worried state, Joe tells me that we need to be more like Ray and less like Egon in this scene. Not remembering the plot entirely, I ask him, "So how did it turn out? I mean, did they end up happy with the place?" "Well, actually," he replies, "they were shut down by the EPA, which nearly resulted in the end of civilization."

Whatever. Ignore that. Be like Ray. This will all be fine. It's gonna be great.


katandkarl said...

that's me!! (Egon)

Let me come house hunting with you! I can find something wrong with EVERYTHING!!! :)

Susan said...

This is awesome. Please get a house with a pole!!

Sarah said...

Wow, so I'm not the only one whose husband has seen Ghostbusters a thousand times and likes to play scenes over and over an apply them to daily life?

My advice? Egon away, and then AFTER you've committed, 100% Ray. You'll find your place eventually! Everyone I know that has been in this process had no regrets about seeing TONS of houses that didn't grab them (or were liked by one person and not the other) and then finally finding The One. If something's bothering you about it now, imagine after years of living there. Plus, your realtor already has a Ray role. Someone's gotta be Egon (and the inspector doesn't arrive until later). I look back at some of the things realtors said while we were looking at houses and am so glad we didn't get suckered.

side note. I miss 80's movie background music.

Sarah said...

Okay, I have to share one more thing. My prof in college had videos from her experiment with kids where she would serve them cookies and green milk and their mothers who were with them were supposed to respond with either a clear "eeew, green milk, yuck!" or "oooo, green milk, that looks good!" As expected, most kids went along with their mothers. But they were was one fairly rotund jolly kid whose Mom went "eeew, green milk, that doesn't look good at all," and he responded, "mmm, green milk! I love green milk!" and happily gulped it down. That kid was Ray.