Monday, April 8, 2013

April THREE (and other stuff)

Okay, here goes speed blogging!  (I have to leave very soon to go pick G up from school.  Oh, how I will look back and laugh at this year (well, really two years) of whisking June and Waylon straight from their warm beds where they are napping, directly into their carseats - no shoes, no coat, do not pass go or collect two hundred dollars, we have somewhere to be!  I can't imagine how shocking that must've been for them all winter, but I guess they were too groggy to complain.) #meanmom #efficientmom

But I digress! And this was supposed to be speedy!

Soooo, anyway, we went to Columbia for a few days, because apparently it is so hard for me (us) to keep our home "show worthy" for more than 5 minutes straight that I had to flee the state and brave a 7 hour road trip with three children by myself just to get out of the way.

No parks seem to have teeter-totters anymore, I guess for liability or injury reasons, so I was thrilled to find a legit one, and so like duh, I had to take pictures.  And then we all proceeded to bonk and slam and injure ourselves - seriously all three children in the span of about five minutes.  But they loved it anyway, and I still think there should be more see-saws in the world, it's just that my kids have zero experience using them and therefore no sense.
April three in Columbia Untitled Untitled  Untitled
The first warm sunny days of the year feel so damn good, don't they? Swingers Untitled Untitled
{Photo by June.}

Untitled Untitled
This kid. Such a mix. Practically a baby in some ways, and yet she says and does other stuff well beyond her years. Like the three days of Spring Break when she spontaneously got up, showered and dressed as if she were heading off to work, and then showed up in our room to say good morning. (Why does this never happen on school days?)


The kids had a blast hanging out with my friend Kelly's kids, Miles and Evelyn, or "Elevyn", as June kept calling her.
Take five
Our best attempt at a group photo while we went to open gym time at the ARC.

June and Evelyn (Elevyn) How much for the children in the window? Riders

Lots of hugs. This is about one of fifteen pictures like this that I could've used. Love the love Untitled Shakespeare's, catching dough balls

Did you know Shakespeare's has a special chute for throwing dough balls to eager children?

Dough girls Even one year olds know know Shakespeare's makes the world 's best pizza

Fast friends. 
More hugs please Rollin' with the homies Coming through Fast friends Untitled
And then we fought over who got the purple dress, and it was time to go home.


TomT said...

I think it was a good idea get out of town - because you were able to post a billion CUTE BEYOND BELIEF photos of your children and their new BFFs. LOVED IT!!!!

Sarah said...

First of all, good idea. Second of all, your kids are so cute together! Waylon and Miles look like buds :). We've been meaning to try the ARC open gym but never made it. Hope it was a good trip!

jessica said...

Love the group photo of all the hormonal me teared up looking at the group photo of the kids.

Kelly said...

Love, love, love the pictures, Kate! I know I always say this, but I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see our kids play together. So awesome.

BTW - where did you find the park with the teeter totter? Is that the park in your mom's neighborhood?