Monday, April 15, 2013

First Lost Tooth

The day that Georgia lost her first tooth was not nearly as traumatic as the day that she came home a month earlier reporting that it was loose.  WHAT?!  Talk about no need for further evidence that your firstborn is growing up.  I wasn't ready for that news, but you roll with it, right?

I should clarify - I was talking about myself, obviously.  None of the above was traumatic to Georgia.  It was all 1000% exciting.  Exciting for the tooth to be loose.  Triple exciting to check the mail everyday for her special tooth pillow that she picked out and then anxiously awaited like it was a secret decoder ring.  Infinity exciting to have the tooth fall out in the parking lot of Chipotle on the first day of Spring Break and then be awarded a free kid's meal on account of such good fortune.

As you'll see from the pictures, Georgia negotiated a deal with the tooth fairy who kindly left her $1.00 in quarters, two of which, much to her delight, were Georgia quarters.

Apparently when your first tooth falls out in the Chipotle parking lot you get a free kid's meal! Showing off
Showing off for her sister.

Okay, I have to throw in this picture of June who insisted at the time that I take it. Amidst me searching the pavement for the tooth, Waylon managed to scratch June pretty hard. I'm sparing you the fresh-out-of-Georgia'-mouth bloody gap pictures, but suffice it to say that for a few minutes there it appeared as though the children had been in a bar fight.

What follows is actually the "Before" photo, taken when the tooth first became loose. Georgia was already sporting a pretty big gap before the tooth fell out. Before

After Note

This last shot is for Georgia, who wanted me to photograph the tooth, and my friend Susan, who apparently likes seeing teeth and will therefore be glad that I did. Ewwww. You're welcome. Tooth

This felt like a big milestone for both parents and child! And the next tooth is already loose...


Susan said...

Ha! But, they're so beautiful - like a pearl :) Georgia quarters - love that!!

TomT said...

Wow - a rough day at your house! These kids are tough.

katandkarl said... - but that tooth pillow sure is cute. :)

Danni said...

I will give you all my teeth just pleeease give me some money!!! LOL...

jessica said...

She picked out the cutest tooth pillow ever! Do most people have tooth pillows? I missed out on this tradition.