Monday, July 1, 2013

"Georgie" Ballet 2013

Did I ever post about Georgia's ballet recital from 2012?  I think not, because life and death really got in the way.  But it was a big deal to see her up on stage.  (Wow, that was like 10,000 fewer words than I would've used to describe that day had I written about it when it happened.)

Moving on... 

One year later, and again the ballet recital did not disappoint.  I've got fun pictures to share, but for now here's a video if you've got a minute.  Georgia's the one on the far right, but the best part of the video to me (and the whole point of posting it here) is hearing Waylon yell out, "Georgie!" because he spotted her on stage.  He was way more into watching the dancers than I thought he would be, shouting out, "One more!" after each little act.  Only Waylon could get away with calling her Georgie I think. 

Georgie ballet 2013 from Kate on Vimeo.


TomT said...

I love kiddie dance recitals!! And so impressed that G was on stage in front of all those people - WOW!

Susan said...

YAY, Georgie! She did great!!