Sunday, July 14, 2013

"I quit this argument!"

I'm not sure who started it, or when exactly it became a thing, but both Georgia and June have the habit of shouting, "I quit this argument!" as a means of ending their frequent sisterly squabbles. 

How genius.  Cracks me up every time, just thinking about adults trying this phrase out, particularly in business negotiations.  I mean, wouldn't, "I quit this argument!" be handy on your next conference call, or perhaps during your next marital spat?  

Just so you know how to properly use the phrase, let me explain that there are two primary circumstances where it works best:

1)  You're winning the argument, at least in your own mind, because you've made such a brilliant point.  It's just that the other side is so dense that they're not getting your point, despite your having repeated it several times over.  In frustration with your opponent's ignorance you should now interject emphatically, "I quit this argument!" 


2)  Things aren't going your way, and it's looking like -gasp!- you might be losing the argument.  Your opponent clearly has the upper hand when it comes to appeals to fairness, reason, or possibly both.  Do not despair, but act fast and shout, "I quit this argument!" before it's too late.

Optional:  cover both of your ears with your hands, so as to prevent any continuation of the argument.

Good luck, and happy fighting, everybody!  ; )


TomT said...

Love this! I'm going to use it in the office tomorrow, especially the part where you cover you ears with you hands. It's exactly what they deserve most of the time.

Sarah said...

I love it too!
Have they tried it on you yet?

jessica said...