Sunday, November 24, 2013

Under the Big Top

Sometimes I'm amazed by how little we have going on, especially in the way of extracurricular activities, but then I stop and notice that sometimes we still cram in a lot.  Like this one week in October when we went to a marching band event, an apple orchard, a pumpkin farm, a soccer game, the Northwestern football game tailgates, a circus, oh, and unfortunately, an ER, all in the span of eight days.  I kind of like it that we don't have too many lessons and practices going on yet, so that we all still have a little energy left for fun stuff like this on the weekends.

I should post pictures of all of the above, but for now, I will limit myself to the circus.  You guys, the Midnight Circus in the Parks was AWESOME!  Joe and I went into it with such low expectations.  (Well, I at least went expecting a decent time.  Joe went in fear, reluctantly.)  Circus?  Will there be mistreated animals?  Scary clowns?  Hokey cheese-ball acts that only entertain the under 5 set?  Well, apparently I hadn't been paying nearly enough attention to my sister's past rave reviews, because this was hands down the most fun I've had at a kid-centric activity in a long time (maybe ever?), and as you can see, we attend quite a few!  (If put under oath, Joe would also be forced to admit that he rather enjoyed the show.)   

Since I've previously documented on this blog both girls' brushes with emergency medicine, I feel I would be remiss not to mention that after the circus, Waylon took a tumble from a folding chair during dinner that caused him to split his lip for the 1,000th time, this time in a way that was scary and bloody enough for us to whisk him off to Lurie Children's Hospital.  He charmed the pants off the hospital staff with his willing patient attitude and rather large (for a two year old) vocabulary.  Thankfully, he was cleaned up and we were soon sent on our way, so all's well that ends well, although that was a little more excitement than we had hoped for that evening.

The moral of the story is:  Chicago folks, get thee to the Midnight Circus in the Parks when it comes around again next fall!  You will not regret it.  I've included video below to sell you on this idea.

It is uncanny how much my abs look like this woman's abs.

And Joe's like this guy's.

Untitled Untitled

Oh. One minor caveat I neglected to mention. The show was pretty loud, so Waylon spent 90% of it frozen in mild terror and wanting to be held tightly. This actually worked to our advantage from both a snuggling perspective and a controlling-your-wild-ass-two-year-old perspective. However, I would not recommend the circus for kids under three unless, like us, you decide to throw caution to the wind and take them along for the ride so that older sibs can go.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

The video captures the tiny portion of the show that Waylon loosened up for. (BTW, in case you're wondering, the headscarves were a freebie from the NU tailgates the night before. Our kids have had weeks of fun turning them into everything from skirts to arm casts to traditional religious garb, so John H., if you're reading this, thanks for picking them up for us!)

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[We interrupt this blog post of fun to bring you a quick visit to the hospital.]

Untitled Untitled Untitled
World's Cutest Patient. World's Most Expensive Popsicle.

Tough guy with a fat lip the next day. Nothing says toughness like pink froggie pajamas.

Major mumfy slugga Monday with a fat lip

Here's the video for your viewing pleasure. In my book, any show that ends with your four year old rushing the stage to dance to "Gangnam Style" is worth the price of admission.
Circus in the Park from Kate on Vimeo.


Maggie and Mike said...

Let us know when you go to this next year. Sounds fun. And poor waylon, I remember when this happened. Tough kid.

Sarah said...

OMG you crack me up! Love that little guy. And sorry we missed the circus!

Emily said...

I'm glad you clarified the ER visit business and the NU scarf bit because when I saw the picture of June I had ideas about a head scarf covering a nasty head injury or something. Not that lip stitches are fun or whatever, but we'd like to keep all brains safely in their skulls, etc.

Beth said...

Glad you joined us - we are awesome fun! : ) And.... shhhh..... we offer free babysitting when you rush off to the hospital with #3.....