Sunday, February 2, 2014

Made Me Laugh

Okay, before I show you this I feel I should mention that we've never really been a co-sleeping family (not that I have anything against it, you know, it's just that well, I don't know, for some reason once they were out of the newborn infant stage our kids never got the memo that what they're supposed to do in the bed with mom and dad is SLEEP).  I feel so lucky that instead they know how to sleep in their own beds, but when I hear friends talk about co-sleeping I know we've missed out on some seriously awesome snuggles.  (I hope I haven't just jinxed our whole system.  You hear that Universe?  We are good here, thanks.)

Anyway, a friend posted this image the other day:

And I immediately started laughing, mostly because of the woman's white tank top, because just that very morning Waylon had made a rare but delicious "let's wake up slowly" appearance in my bed (meaning I carried him there, since he still sleeps in a crib) to snuggle before breakfast, and the light streaming in through the window was SO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL that I could not resist reaching for my phone on the nightstand to try to capture the moment.  Oh, and I happened to be wearing a white tank top.  I knew that it was one of those moments better preserved in the mind, but I couldn't help trying.  Not surprisingly, the resulting photographs do not begin to describe the light that was hitting his face, the wall, just everything.  So here's my "reality", at least on one snuggly morning, bedhead and all.  Just know that in my head and my heart it felt like the "perception" shot.  That's what matters, right?

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jessica said...

So sweet :)

Sarah said...

He looks so sweet and snuggly!
I don't know how you sleep in a tank top in Chicago in the winter. I sleep in about 6 layers in Houston.

TomT said...

Oh Kate - I thought that WAS you in the first photo! :-)