Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fake Babies, Cold Playgrounds, Dinners Out (Jan. 2014)

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(Waylon went through a phase of doing this all the time.  "I get in your tummy!")
Scrolling through my phone I found more birth pictures. Wait, no - that sounds much worse than what I meant.

The weird thing is that we go out to eat at Dunlay's in Logan Square now more than we ever did when we lived walking distance from the place.  (Come to think of it, we never once ate there as a family while living in the neighborhood.)  Joe rides the el after work, gets his hair cut at Mops, and then we all meet up at the restaurant and drive back to the 'burbs after dinner.  The timing doesn't always work out perfectly, so the kids and I occasionally end up like nomads in Chicago, killing time until Joe is able to join us.  I imagine this will be less of a problem when it's warm out.  On this January day, though, we were not surprisingly the only ones hanging out at our old stomping grounds of Haas Park.  The kids were happy but I was freezing my butt off. 

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They love their daddy something fierce


Chocolate milks and painted nails.  Who could ask for anything more?

(Answer: me.  I hope to branch out to Reno more often in the not too distant future.  Oh, and maybe something nicer than Portillo's in the suburbs, not that I'm knocking Portillo's when you need it.)  

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Emily said...

Was it strange to be back in your old park? I always feel a little sad when I visit our old neighborhood in Chicago, but then again we ventured beyond the suburbs.