Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cabbage As Big As Your Head/Truth in Bloggyville

Grrr. Since I don't want to fail myself on this daily blogging habit on night two, I am posting one picture of June with a cabbage.

I tried to post this whole other thing but ran into technical difficulties with iPhoto. The kind where I think I'm going to have to take my computer in to the store for service.

Plus it's 9:52 p.m. and I promised Joe I'd come upstairs to watch a TV show together by 10:00, so yeah, finishing that other post is not realistic. (But I think this is the point of this exercise: just post something, anything, be it a sentence or a photo, until you get back in the groove.)

So, I give you today's harvest. (Anyone remember my briefly-lived but ongoing "As Big As Your Head" series? Well, I'm happy to have a new entry.)

Does anyone have experience making kraut or know of good techniques or recipes, because I think we're going to try fermentation in my closet, no joke. I have a book on this but am curious if anyone else has tried it and lived to tell the tale. Anyway, we can only eat so much slaw and cooked cabbage with onions.

The vegetable garden is going well this year. We have done virtually nothing to make it so.

Oh! It's 9:56. Ta ta for now! Today's harvest: cabbage as big as your head!


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Emily said...

I love it! Cabbage is the secret ingredient in my mom's beef vegetable soup if you're looking for more ideas.

Sarah said...

So fun. I love the butterfly too.