Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Storm Preppers

Do your children have a particular imaginary play game that they like to repeat a lot? 

For mine, it's "HURRICANE!"  This involves running around, pretending to tape the windows, closing all the blinds and shades, speaking in a panicked voice that feigns that you are out of breath, going into a room and shutting all the lights off, and getting out a flashlight.  Depending on the circumstances, a hurricane might mean that you should go to the lowest or the highest available room in the house.  It might also mean that you should bring with you every stuffed animal known to humanity.   

Thankfully, I have never been in an actual hurricane, nor have our children.  The Midwestern United States is not known for taking direct hits from the ocean.  I think the origin of this game goes all the way back to a downloaded Sesame Street episode about preparing for and cleaning up after a storm that took out Big Bird's nest, which Georgia probably first watched on vacation when she was two or three, and which the kids have all since watched several times over.

I guess they're taking the game to the next level, because the other day I came in to find June prepping dollhouse windows for an impending storm.  Never can be too careful, can you?

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