Friday, August 29, 2014

Trees Make Me Happy

When I'm feeling a little sad, as I was after I dropped Georgia off at school this morning, getting out in nature can go a long way toward improving my mood. 

I told June and Waylon that I needed to take a long walk, so we did. We discovered Lake Marmo, which we renamed Lake Marzo. It's ours now, but you're welcome to borrow it anytime, heron and all. (Or, "Bye bye, ostrich!" as Waylon put it. What is it with my kids and birds? June comically confuses seagulls and eagles all the time.)

After putting up with my walk, we headed over to a children's area and were pleasantly surprised to find that we had it all to ourselves today. I let the kids run off on their own and *mostly* avoided bothering them with photographs.

They started playing some version of Little House on the Prairie. Waylon sure makes a mean baby Carrie. I brought applesauce for a snack, but upon sitting down to eat it June informed me that, "Pa just killed a wolf. So we are having wolf saliva."  Followed by, "What's saliva, Mama?"

All in all, it was just the dose of trees I needed. 

[Programming note: I am trying out a mobile blogging app. I never can seem to get these things to work. So apologies if this looks all wonky.]

[NOTE:  Okay,  it probably looks normal to you.  It looks like crap to me.  Why do my pictures get cut off, turned into squares, and pixelated?  Ann Price, I am personally contacting you for technical support.  Don't fail me now!] ; ) 
[Just so you can see what I'm talking about, here are some of the same photos pasted in my "normal" way.]
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Ann Price said...

They look fine! Have you checked them out on the computer yet? Sometimes, I have trouble uploading things on the mobile app. Othertimes the photos don't ever appear just a small square with a ?. But I have an Android, and use both the Blogger app and a rip off app called Blogger-droid. There was a time about two years ago when the photos were way too pixelated and grainy. Then it stopped. Have no idea. I've never had them cut off though. I would try using several different formats or photo app programs for taking pics and see what looks the best on here. Good luck. Let's have our Blog-Her conference call with Maggie soon! ;)

jessica said...

What a great spot! This is exactly why everyone needs to get outside-kids and grownups alike. I never read the LHOTP books but I did watch the TV show :) Are your kids reading the books? And "pa just killed a wolf," I love it.

Kate said...

Georgia has read some of the books, June has probably heard chapters here and there, but mostly it's just become an imaginary play thing for them, where they take on the roles of Mary, Laura, and Baby Carrie. Joe and I are sometimes roped into being Ma and Pa. When they get older I will let them watch the show. I remember liking it as a kid but can't remember much more than that. The books are mostly wholesome, with the occasional dose of totally disturbing racism of the times. Good fodder for discussion I guess.... The books have also led to some gun safety talks!

katandkarl said...

If I get the mobile blogging app, will it inspire me to blog again?!?!