Friday, July 6, 2007

Beth's Pregnancy Photography Tips 101

So, you want to avoid looking like a whale while pregnant even though you're growing larger everyday? Here are a few free tips from Beth on how to appear more photogenic!

1) Wear solids or a muted print, and stand near someone wearing a loud, crazy print.

2) Hide behind a large object. A horse works best, but they can sometimes be hard to come by in an urban setting. In a pinch, any large, domesticated animal will do.

(Beth may have learned this trick from Sara. As you can see, the same effect can be achieved using a gaggle of small children.)

3) Always seek the company of women who are even further along in their pregnancies than you are. Ideally, your best friends should all be at full-term. (Note: The woman on the left gave birth 2 days after this photograph was taken.)

4) Follow the first rule of fashion: black is slimming. Wear it often, and stand next to people in white to maximize the effect. (Note that the photograph below also satisfies rules 1 and 3.)

That's all there is to it! Now go out there and love your big, bad self in all your whale-like glory!

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