Friday, July 6, 2007

Have you no shame?

Okay, since this blog is ostensibly being viewed by a very limited audience, here are a few (not necessarily flattering) shots for posterity of Kate's growing belly. The original idea was to take the same pic every couple of days throughout the whole pregnancy, so that we could create a really cool flip book at the end. Well, guess what? It's cold in Chicago in the winter, and Kate wasn't so keen on getting into this outfit at the end of each day when it meant 1 extra step before jumping into bed. So, our so-called flip book skips from about week 6 to week 8, to month 7, and then to month 9. (Notice the new paint color in month 9!)

1 comment:

Montano said...

que blog tan genial donde ponen fotos desde que estan embarazada la chava y el bebe les quedo bonito tiene unos excelentes ojos azulitos