Friday, October 5, 2007

Not Recommended by Dr. Mom...or anyone else

So, I self-diagnosed Georgia with a minor case of cradle cap. Never mind that I don't really know anything about cradle cap. I read somewhere that rubbing the scalp with mineral oil prior to shampooing helps. So I tried that. Let's have a look at how this worked out:

"BEFORE." (Poor, unsuspecting child is unaware of the mineral oil in the background.)

Yea! Bath time! Here we go!

"AFTER." (Note that this is the look after multiple vigorous shampoos. Her hair isn't actually wet here, it just looks that way. Extremely oily.)

Yeah, I'd be freaked out if my hair looked like that, too.

Okay, no need to get that upset about it! (Is she trying to give me the finger?)

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