Friday, October 5, 2007

New Tricks (ours, not hers)

We've road tested several techniques for baby-soothing now, and have discovered a few important lessons:
1) Georgia pretty much likes to be in constant motion. (It's a wonder I haven't lost all of my pregnancy weight yet, given the amount of bouncing up and down that I've done. It's like doing a thousand mini-squats a day.)
2) Georgia loves steady background noise.
I don't think either of these features is unique to our baby, but we're learning to use them to our advantage.
Since the white noise machine that we bought on eBay hasn't arrived yet, our best friends are now noisy appliances -- Joe's favorites are the washer and dryer. My knock-out punch is the exhaust button on the microwave over the stove.

(Yes, that's a blanket covering the distracting toys on her bouncy seat. No, we don't leave her alone like that in case the blanket falls on her face.)

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