Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Birthday(s)!

Today is my 3-month birthday, Nana's 780-month birthday, and Stendahl's 384-month birthday, so in honor of this special occasion, Mom let me put on my birthday suit and roll around to celebrate. Birthday wishes also go out to Aunt Sara, who celebrated her 348-month birthday on Wednesday.

Capturing this set of photos resulted in an extra load of laundry, if you catch my drift.

Just in case anyone's wondering, I can't actually sit up on my own yet. Here's what happens when Mom takes too long to take the photo.

When the fun was over, Mom ran upstairs to get me a diaper and some clothes. I thought this would be a good time to surprise her by rolling over. Well, most of the way, anyway. Here's how she found me when she came back.

Um, a little help here, please? My left arm is kinda trapped.

"I buy you all of these nice clothes, and you're going out in THAT?"
Since it is Nana's birthday and all, for her sake I thought I should also show you my 3-month picture in more civilized attire. Well, it's mostly civilized, except for the drool part. I'm still working on that.

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Alice T. said...

Glad to see that Mommy's first instinct is "Grab the camera" rather than "Rescue the child"! You're in good hands, Georgia.