Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Georgia Crawling Video (Bonus Footage! Lion Sounds!)

This video is likely WAY more exciting to us than it will be to you, since it is, you guessed it, a baby crawling, which you've probably witnessed many times before.

But to us, this phenomenon is amazing, since as of say, Sunday the 8th, Georgia didn't really have the forward motion thing down, but somehow two days later, it all just clicked for her. After enjoying about 10 months of an essentially stationary baby, this is a big change in our household.

This is one of the funny things about parenting, I think. I do not know a single adult who can't walk or make animal noises, etc. So, statistics seem to show that it's all bound to happen eventually. So, why is it so MIND BLOWING when your own kid does these things for the first time? It just is.

And now, the bonus footage: Georgia making lion sounds. I'm sorry to say that her snake sounds were too quiet too be caught (audibly) on tape.


Mike&Maggie said...

Oh I LOVE it!!!
I just want to scoop her up with a big hug and congratulate her myself.

jessica said...

Thanks for the smiles and giggles these videos brought me! So cute that I had to share with a coworker. Georgia is adorable!