Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Work Happenings...

After complaining yesterday via email of lower back pain caused by my office chair, I arrived at work today to find a workers' comp "initial injury" form of some sort, and this:

Ha! Granted, the 2 blue ones are guest chairs that are always there, but still. Man, had I known they'd be so responsive, I'd have asked for a heckuva lot more than a different chair!

Oh, and then there was this broadcast email from last Monday, which cracked me up:

Subject: Viewing of US Open is problematic for our

As much as we all love golf--and as important as the US Open is to many of us--our online viewing of the tournament is hurting our Internet connection, making it difficult to do regular business within the firm. Therefore, we need to block streaming video of the US Open from firm computers.
The block will take effect at 3:30pm Eastern, 12:30pm Pacific.

Am I the only sucker here who's seriously busting tail? Not to pat myself on the back, but I haven't watched streaming live video of anything at work. I must be doing something wrong, because work is so not fun these days. Oh well, at least I will have a new chair, right? Okay, better shut up about work and get back to work before I get fired. You never know when Big Brother is watching.


jessica said...

Ha! That email is hilarious!

Beth said...

I told you that people at my work were gathered around cubes in packs to watch the Open? It was so obvious - those 6 people don't do anything together!?!?

Anonymous said...

See - y'all have the wrong kind of jobs. Here in the Athletic Dept. at good ole SMU, we all gathered around the 50" HD plama TV's in our new offices. :o) True. (But don't ask me to compare salaries.)

Aunt Margaret

Susan said...

This is a great post!