Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fright Night

Georgia was a bee for Halloween this year. Thanks to all who voted on the costume selection for your input. I don't know what came over me, but in a moment of insanity it struck me as a good idea to make her costume. What was I thinking? Really, they make a lot of good looking, inexpensive costumes these days. Please remind me of that next October. Not that it should've been that big of a deal to make a bee suit, but let's just say a few choice words were exchanged during the last minute prep. It was not my finest hour, but the following lessons were learned:

1) When using electrical tape to make stripes on a shirt, don't tape the side edges. The shirt with a person in it will be bigger around than the shirt laying flat on a table. Also, it is dangerous to use scissors on tape that has already been applied to a shirt once a toddler is in the shirt. Never attempt this without an assistant. Try not to swear at the assistant. Try not to make the toddler cry while sausage-stuffing it into the taped shirt.

2) Do not believe websites that claim making your own wings out of a coat hanger and a pair of pantyhose will be easy, no matter how easy they say it will be. Use gardening gloves if you must attempt making your own toddler wings. Again, ask an assistant to help you, but try not to swear too much at the assistant within earshot of the toddler. Better yet, do not make wings for a person who cannot walk yet.

On the plus side, I guess we saved a few bucks (maybe), and the shirt, pants, and hat can all be worn again. (I did not make the hat - it was ordered off etsy.)

Sitting out on the front steps with the neighbor kids waiting for trick or treaters. Note the yellow brick road in the background that our upstairs neighbor made for his daughter, who of course went as Dorothy.

We get a lot of trick or treaters because there is a guy with a totally decked out mansion in our neighborhood that draws big Halloween crowds, so our block gets the overflow. I thought this picture that Joe took was a cool one that captured the feeling of people going in and out of our gate.

Little Miss "Be careful, I'm allergic to everything" sneaking in some cardboard and Nerds while her dad wasn't paying attention.

Yea! We've done this twice now, so I can call it an annual tradition. Cowgirl Anna rode in with her mom Maggie for a Halloween visit.

My shirt screams "motherhood," because yes, that is a small amount of puke. Coincidence, or Nerds induced? We'll never know.


Susan said...

I love that picture of you and Maggie and the girls. Too cute!!!!

Mike&Maggie said...

That really is how it felt at your place - you guys were very popular that night!

Danni said...

You are the cutest little family ever. And funniest. I love it.

jessica said...

Such a cute costume! Well done Kate!