Monday, December 8, 2008

For Playing At Their Rehearsal Dinner

Okay, I hope Harry's mom isn't upset by that post title. For all we know these two kiddos won't even know each other later in life, or worse yet, won't like each other. But for now, Harry and Georgia spend three days a week together and seem to get along just great, as you can see in this short video shot by Steph the Nanny, aka Harry's aunt. Of course I like to think that this is what all day every day at our house is like while I'm at the office, but I know Steph's job isn't nearly that easy. Still, videos like this make it a little easier to go to work in the morning.

*BTW, Steph and Harry have special dispensation to refer to Georgia as Gigi, so don't get any big ideas.


Danni said...

That's ridiculously cute!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Steph, Harry and Georgia, you made my day, Gran

Crystal said...

Harry's mom doesn't mind the post title at all.
The cuteness is almost too much to handle!

RitaP said...

This, too, made my day! How sweet and cute!