Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh, Happy Cloth Diaper Day!

Whenever we take Georgia to the doctor, I have this unfounded fear that they're going to suggest that her cloth diapers are the root of all that ails her. (It's kind of an irrational fear, I know. Not quite as bad, though, as my fears that DCFS will be waiting for us at the door, or that they're going to tell us for the one thousandth time to keep her nails short for the sake of her skin, as if that's new advice or requires a medical degree, but I digress...) Not that I wouldn't be willing to make whatever switch necessary for the health of my child, of course - I would do that in a heartbeat - it's just that I'd hate to be told to do something based on misinformation or a lack of understanding of how modern day cloth diapers work. So, imagine my delight when at our last visit the doctor not only refrained from making any such comments, she inquired about how we liked using cloth, and told me that she wanted to make the switch to cloth for her 15 month old son except for the fact that her husband wasn't on board with the idea. Yea!

As much as we've loved CD'ing thus far, I'm not usually one to push it on people who aren't interested. At one point in time I jokingly said, though, that I'd keep having kids to cloth diaper until I had persuaded at least one other person to try it. Thank goodness two of my good friends have now decided to give it a whirl, because I really didn't ever want to be starring in "Joe & Kate Plus 8" on TLC. (Thank you Kelly and Alice - you probably weren't even influenced by me, but I don't care - I'm counting you!)

In other (semi-related) news: Georgia has unexpectedly taken to using the toilet! We are a bit amazed and thrown off by this. She can't even really walk yet, but at Thanksgiving, she crawled her way over to the pot saying, "poo poo. poo poo," and eventually her dense mother got a clue and plunked her up there. We figured it was a one time fluke, but no. Without going into the total tally for you (I am trying to remember that other people don't find pee and poop to be scintillating topics), suffice it to say that this weekend while at home we kept her diaperless except during naps and overnight, and she only had one pee accident the whole time. So, we're not sure what's going on, except that we feel like we've inadvertently been thrust headlong into potty training, even though we don't know anything about it and don't even have one of those trainer seats or plastic toddler pottys. We should probably read up. Before you go raining on my parade in the comments, though, I am aware that many kids get on a kick like this and then backtrack and have no interest for another 6 months or more, so we're still being realistic and certainly are not assuming that she'll master potty training before walking.

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