Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas, Y'all

This is what happens when you try to make Christmas cookies for a friend but then realize after starting that you don't own any Christmas cookie cutters. As it turns out, all we have are Texas themed cookie cutters from when we lived there, because, you know, I guess they're standard-issue for all newcomers? Oh well - I think they still tasted good!


Danni said...

How do you get the icing and decoration to be so fancy and perfect? You disgust me with your fancy Texas cookies. (Can I have some?)

jessica said...

Kate-you really can do anything! Those cookies are beautiful! I'm super impressed by the swirly icing!

Kate said...

I can't take all credit, b/c Joe was pressed into decorating duty, too. To do the swirly thing, all you do is put down your first layer of icing, then dribble your second layer over it (in a different color), and then take a toothpick or something similar and drag it over the cookie, and it makes those fun swirly looking lines. Voila!